The WhiteCap Crawl Space System – The premier crawl space encapsulation solution.

The WhiteCap System restores the crawl space, recapturing it as part of your home, preventing problems like wood rot, mold, bugs, nasty odors, harmful gases, destructive moisture and energy loss. What makes the WhiteCap system so unique? It offers a full range of solutions to answer any crawl space repair challenge. The WhiteCap System also boasts several exclusive components, manufactured to the strictest of standards, offering solutions that other products neglect to address which ultimately leads to a dry, healthy, and energy efficient crawl space! Don’t just encapsulate your crawl space. CAP IT! with WhiteCap!

WhiteCap Crawl Space Liners are one of the highest quality reinforced plastic liners on the market with a real difference you can feel. WhiteCap Crawl Space Liners are designed for the most rugged environments and toughest crawl spaceencapsulationjobs. WhiteCap liners boasts a superior finish, chemical resistance, virgin polyethylene resin, heavy duty diamond pattern cord reinforcement and molten poly scrim layers to increase tear resistance. WhiteCap 20 mil linersare gauged to true mil thickness. If you have a highly trafficked or rocky and uneven surfaced crawl space then you are definitely going to want to use our WhiteCap crawl space liner for your encapsulation project.

WhiteCap PureDry70 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

High humidity getting the best of you? WhiteCap has the solution with our PureDry70 high capacity crawl space dehumidifier. This compact powerhouse is one of the most versatile crawl space dehumidifiers in the industry! We teamed up with our partners at Santa Fe Dehumidifiers to design a unit that would fit in the smallest of spaces. The PureDry70 removes up to 70 pints of water per day, provides incredible air cleaning abilities with MERV 13 filters, has a 150 CFM blower (can move crazy amounts of air) and it’s Energy-Star rated with only 5.1 amps of current draw. This dehumidifier also features the ability to convert from horizontal to vertical airflow, can be tied in to a forced air duct system, ducted with separate ducting or free standing to dehumidify a specific area. The PureDry70 crawl space dehumidifier can be installed and leveled on the floor of the crawl space, or hung in the floor joists due to its compact design. The PureDry70 crawl space dehumidifier is sure to increase the comfort in your home and improve the air quality by filtering out many irritants and contaminants before they make their way through the home.

We offer a wide variety of dehumidifiers from Santa Fe and Aprilaire. The dehumidifier will depend on the custom design of your encapsulation system.