Your home is the place where you and your family should be safest. If your home is sitting on a traditional crawl space, it may not be as safe as you would like. Roughly half the air in your home has come from your crawl space. The old method of home construction involved a crawl space with vents, so air could pass freely under the home. This sounds like a good idea, until you think about the air you’re letting in. Here in the southeast, we have the benefit of a warm climate. But we also have to deal with high humidity. When outside air comes inside your crawl space, it introduces this humidity to the cool, dark area under your home. Hot humid air, plus cool dark surfaces equal condensation, pooling water, and mold.

Wet Crawl Space

Encapsulation helps your home become safer by eliminating these conditions in your crawl space. By sealing the crawl space from outside elements you can keep this mold and humidity from entering your home. Dust, allergens, and mold will be kept from ruining the air quality inside your house.

Drafty Crawl Space

Many homes suffer from various types of pest infestation, especially in the crawl space. Mice, termites, and other unwanted guests find crawl spaces to be perfect homes. Once in your crawl space it is only a matter of time before pests find their way into your living areas. By sealing your crawl space, you can take major strides in preventing these pests from taking over your home.

Crawl space encapsulation also allows you to control the conditions in your home more efficiently. When you turn on your air conditioner or heat, you have to overcome the bad air coming up from your crawl space. By stopping poor conditions where they start, you can lower your energy bills and ensure that your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency.

Humid Crawl Space

Most people don’t venture into their crawl space very often. In the minds of most homeowners, the crawl space is an unusable area, which goes unused and wasted. Being there will surely get you dirty and uncomfortable. With encapsulation you can turn it into a clean inviting area where you won’t mind storing items or checking on those expensive appliances under your home.